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Taekwondo Classes
Fall Schedule

About Our Classes


For five- to twelve-year-olds, our junior class currently covers all levels of taekwondo instruction, including patterns, sparring and self-defense. Every class includes a fitness component, with each week having special emphasis on one aspect of Taekwondo. Assistant instructors make it possible to separate the advanced student from the beginner, so that all students can work on belt-appropriate techniques.
Tuesday and Thursday junior students are separated into two classes: for students with a belt up to green stripe, and for those with green belt or higher. These are specific to the weekly topic and emphasize advanced techniques. There is also a Saturday morning advanced class for students of all ages with a green belt or higher.


For 13-year-olds and up, our senior classes cover all levels of taekwondo instruction. New students have the advantage of working with and learning from experienced practitioners, and black belt students have an opportunity to share all the fascinating things they have learned in their years of Taekwondo. Every class includes a fitness component, and both basic and advanced techniques are taught and practiced.

Poomsae, Sparring, and Self-defense

Each week in our calendar has a particular emphasis, with rotation through a four-week cycle.
If it's 'patterns' week each class should include some time teaching or fine-tuning students' patterns, or poomsae. There are eight colour-belt patterns and students must learn and remember them all on their way to black belt. They are designed to demonstrate a variety of blocks, strikes and kicks, and they also ensure that students learn techniques on both the right and left sides.
Sparring week covers individual kicks, combinations, and tactics. Time will also be spent on cardio drills and some light-contact and full-contact sparring (depending on belt level and age). Advanced students will learn competition rules and have an opportunity to try their hand at judging and refereeing matches. All students are encouraged to take a turn as judges on our electronic scoring system, and those who are interested can learn how to run the Ringmaster scoring program on the computer.
Self-defense week will have instruction in our 'set' defenses, releases and escapes, as well as some other useful skills. We will also help students who have yellow belt or higher to create their own attack/defend scenarios. With additional expertise in boxing, judo, karate, jiu jitsu or hapkido, our instructors are always willing to help students develop easy yet effective ways to defend themselves!
Taekwondo is a sport and an art, with rules and standards, and a focus on fair competition. Self-defense is about survival and if your life is in danger, there are no rules!