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The May calendar is available and can be viewed by clicking the link at left. Each month's calendar indicates closures for tournaments and promotion tests.
Please check the link on the 'classes' tab for the schedule.

Belt promotion testing

Congratulations to all who tested for new belts on April 27! It was a busy day, with five of the nine morning students testing for their first belt and three of the four in the afternoon reaching the milestone of club black belt. Next stop for them, Kukkiwon testing!

    Congratulations to the following students:
    Aleena - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Fatima - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Owen - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    John - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Luka - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Eric - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Eva - 7th gup / green stripe
    Rubin - 5th gup / blue stripe
    Elana - 5th gup / blue stripe
    Gabriel - 2nd gup / red belt
    Keith - Dan Bo / club black
    Lucas - Dan Bo / club black
    Cameron - Dan Bo / club black

    It was a good day, with everyone doing very well. The advanced self-defense is getting very creative, and we were often impressed and entertained well.
    Special thanks go to those who helped with marking, holding wood, self-defense, and sparring: Master Rikki, Natalie, Liam, Jakob, Wesley. We couldn't have done it without you!

March events

We were closed on March 23 because Masters Nutbeam and Sadowsky were refereeing at the TriStar TKD Championship in Oakville. The weather co-operated and we had no snow days or other closures.

Belt promotions

On February 23 seven students tested for new belts.

    Congratulations to the following students:
    Zaki - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Ysabela - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Jaya - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Leandro - 7th gup / green stripe
    Mekaeel - 5th gup / blue stripe
    Pauleen - 5th gup / blue stripe
    Om - 4th gup / blue belt

    Well done, everyone!


We had three snow days in February, which is highly unusual. The combinations of snow, freezing rain, rain, ice pellets, and more snow made for some pretty treacherous driving conditions.
We hope all that is behind us now, and that we won't have any closures in March.

Belt promotions

On January 16 we had a teeny-tiny promotion at which two students advanced to new belts:
Aishmin - 6th gup - green belt
Yuvraj - 5th gup - blue stripe
Good work!
We had anticipated having at least four more at this test, but they weren't quite ready, or had other events conflicting, so we only had the two. On the upside, we were done, cleaned up, and on our way home very quickly.
The next promotion test will be on Saturday, February 23.


Although we didn't have any competitors at this event, we had two officials in attendance. Master Sadowsky was a Ring Captain, and Natalie S enjoyed her first event, working with an International Referee and a few helpful regulars. With 678 competitors, it could have been a long day, but everyone was finished and out by about 7:30 pm, so congratulations to Captain Sports for putting on a well-run event!

Canadian National Taekwondo Championships

This event was held in Quebec City on January 10 - 12, and although it wasn't the best time of year to be in Quebec, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. All kyurugi events were double-elimination, and Thursday was a VERY long day, going into the wee hours of Friday morning because of the Pan Am Team selections. Friday and Saturday's competitions were much more manageable, and were done by 5:00 pm. Congratulations to the organizing committee, the host association, and to all the athletes, Cadet, Junior and Senior, who took part in this event.
In addition to the athletes' medals, special awards were also given to the following officials:
Simon Blais (QC) - best male referee
Victoria Turyk (ON/QC) - best female referee
Jonathan Assassi (ON) - best new referee
June Sadowsky (ON) - best poomsae referee.

Christmas holiday break

We were closed from December 23 to January 2 inclusive, and hope everyone had a happy and relaxing holiday. We also wish everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year in 2019.

Belt promotions

On November 24 we had two colour belt promotion tests, with 18 students advancing to new levels!

    Kyle T - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Abdullah - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Ysabela - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Jaya - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Vince - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Yazmeen - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Xzavier - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Andreea - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Eva - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Rubin - 6th gup / green belt
    Elana - 6th gup / green belt
    Kyle M - 4th gup / blue belt
    Matt S - 4th gup / blue belt
    Samantha - 2nd gup / red belt
    Wesley - 2nd gup red belt
    Dila - 1st gup / black stripe
    Keith - 1st gup / black stripe
    Carson - 1st dan / Kukkiwon black belt

    Congratulations to everyone who tested!

On November 10 we held a small promotion test for our black belt students. They worked very hard for many weeks and months prior to the test, and the performances were very impressive! We welcomed one new first Poom to our ranks, and promoted three others to new levels of awesomeness!

    Jakob - first poom
    Sarah - third poom
    Hannah - third dan
    Rikki - fourth dan

    Congratulations to all, it was a lot of fun and exciting to watch!

Readers' Choice Awards

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us in the 2018 Cambridge Times Readers' Choice Awards in October. You earned us the Platinum award, or second place in the category 'Best Martial Arts Club'. We really appreciate your support!

Belt promotions

On September 29 ten students tested successfully for new belts. These students advanced to the following levels:

    Eric - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Zaki - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Eva - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Leandro - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Yuvraj - 6th gup / green belt
    Steven - 5th gup / blue stripe
    Cheyenne - 5th gup / blue stripe
    Isaac - 4th gup / blue belt
    Gabriel - 3rd gup / red stripe
    Jakob - dan bo / club black belt

    Congratulations to everyone who tested!

Referee Seminars

Master Sadowsky, Natalie, and Salome attended the Taekwondo Ontario kyurugi referee seminar on September 23 in Toronto. Both girls did well and Salome has already officiated at her first event.
Master Sadowsky and Salome also attended the poomsae referee seminar in Toronto on October 28. Results haven't been posted, but we're confident Salome did well at that one, too.

Poomsae Competitions

Congratulations to Hannah Lee on her fifth place finish (of 13) in Junior Recognized Poomsae and second place (of 5) in Freestyle Poomsae at Canada Open in Richmond, B.C.in mid-September! This was Hannah's first international event, and her final competition as a Junior.
On September 30, In the first 2019 Ontario Provincial Selection Game, and her first Senior competition, Hannah also placed fifth in recognized poomsae and second in freestyle. Well done!

Belt promotions

Ten students advanced to new levels on Saturday, June 23, with several completing their first test in Taekwondo!

    Yazmeen - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Linkin - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Xzavier - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Carlos - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Ewa - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Yuvraj - 7th gup / green stripe
    Rubin - 7th gup / green stripe
    Elana - 7th gup / green stripe
    Om - 5th gup / blue stripe
    Keith - 2nd gup / red belt

    Congratulations to all, and keep up the good work!

Belt promotions

Eight students tested for new belts on Saturday, April 28. Congratulations to:

    Gael - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Drake - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Aishmin - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Isaac - 5th gup / blue stripe
    Gabriel - 4th gup / blue belt
    Maxim - 4th gup / blue belt
    Matthew K - 4th gup / blue belt
    Jason - 3rd gup / red stripe

    Everyone did very well and all promotions were well-deserved! Good work all around!


We had two students compete at the Tri Star Championships in Oakville on March 24. Hope had a tough fight in her 10-11 recreational black belt division and didn't compete in poomsae. David T. didn't have an opponent close to his size in his 12-13 yellow-green stripe division, but ended up with a good exhibition match and a gold medal. It takes courage and nerve to enter tournaments, and there's no guarantee of good results, so we're always pleased when students decide to challenge themselves. Congratulations to both Hope and David. Well done!

Belt Promotions

On February 24 eight students tested for new belts resulting in the following promotions:

    Rubin - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Elana - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Keith - 3rd gup / red stripe
    Luke - 3rd gup / red stripe
    Wesley - 3rd gup / red stripe
    Matt B - 3rd gup / red stripe
    Jakob H - 1st gup / black stripe
    Nick - 1st gup / black stripe

    Well done, everyone, and keep up the good work!

Provincial and National results

Hannah placed in the top 8 in Junior Female Recognized Poomsae at the Ontario selection event in January. She then competed at Nationals in Ottawa in February and placed fifth in the division! She also competed in Junior Female Team Poomsae and her team placed third, after practicing together just a handful of times. Congratulations, Hannah!