Our Instructors

All our black belt students and instructors, listed below, have been tested in accordance with the standards set by World Taekwondo, and are registered with the Kukkiwon, which is the WT headquarters located in Seoul, South Korea.

Master June Sadowsky

Master Sadowsky is the school owner and a regular instructor
  • 19 years in WT Taekwondo
  • 12 years instructing
  • 5th Dan
  • certified National and International poomsae (patterns) referee
  • certified National and International kyorugi (sparring) referee
  • Master Godfrey Nutbeam

    Master Nutbeam is our most senior instructor
  • 20+ years in martial arts
  • 19 years instructing WT Taekwondo
  • 6th Dan
  • 1st Dan ITF
  • studied Judo in his earlier years
  • did boxing in his much earlier years
  • certified Provincial and National sparring referee
  • Our Assistant Instructors

    Fifth Dan

    Master Virgil Hoy

    Fourth Dan or Poom

    Master Dana Beitz

    Master Kara Lee

    Master Rikki Beitz

    Third Dan or Poom

    Mr Jamie Miller

    Mr Rey Laparan

    Ms Salome Kim

    Ms Hannah Lee

    Ms Sarah Lee

    Ms Jessica Smith

    Ms Natalie Strilchuk

    Second Dan or Poom

    Mr Angelo Laparan

    Ms Adeline Enriquez

    Ms Hope Clarke

    Mr Liam Strilchuk

    First Dan or Poom

    Mr Jakob Haid

    Mr Cam Fraser

    Mr Lucas Ferriera

    Ms Gulay Kulekci

    Mr Keith Oakley