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The current calendar is available and can be viewed by clicking the link at left. Each month's calendar indicates the focus for each week, as well as closures for holidays, tournaments and promotion tests.
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CoViD-19 update

WE ARE OPENING JUNE 11 for OUTDOOR in-person classes

The Ontario government's recent announcement that we will move to Step 1 of the 'Roadmap to Reopen' on Friday, June 11 means that we will now be able to hold outdoor 'sports training and fitness classes' for up to 10 people at a time. We will continue to have Beginner classes at 6 pm and Advanced classes at 7 pm. They will be in-person at (not in) our dojang when the weather permits, and will be online Zoom classes on rainy days.

* * *

WE ARE CLOSED! (again)

With the Ontario government's 'emergency brake' application, we were required to close for essentially all of April, May, and part of June. We returned to online classes (Zoom) from Monday, April 5, and they are available every weekday evening at 6 pm for Beginners and 7 pm for Advanced students. New students are also welcome; please contact us for more information.

* * *


Since Feb 16 we have had students in the dojang for in-person classes, following the schedule from December 7 (see 'classes' tab). We are limited to 10 individuals indoors at a time and all students must wear masks during class. Classes are modified to allow for this, so warm-ups currently include very little cardio.

* * *

The Ontario Government has mandated that all non-essential businesses be closed to the public for the next two or four weeks (depending on location). We are considered non-essential, therefore we will be closed until February 16 at the earliest. We switched to online classes from January 3, and have been holding them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Beginner classes are from 6:00 to 6:45 and Advanced from 7:00 to 8:00.
As soon as we are allowed to open again, we'll be back to in-person classes and the December schedule.

Belt Promotions

Four students earned new belts on Saturday, March 27.

    In the early test we had only one student who did very well:
    Hayden - 8th gup / yellow belt

    In the later test, there were three testing for advanced belts:
    Mekaeel - 3rd gup / red stripe
    Keiran - 1st gup / black stripe>
    Donald - 1st gup / black stripe

    Congratulations to you all on an excellent test.

Belt Promotions

Six students advanced to new belts on Saturday, November 28.

    In the morning these four students earned new belts:
    Hayden - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Landen - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Paul - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Ewa - 7th gup / green stripe

    and in the afternoon, we had just two testing for advanced belts:
    Eric - 5th gup / blue stripe
    Gabriel - Dan Bo / club black

    Congratulations to you all, you were awesome!

    It was a slightly different type of test than we've done before, but everyone still was able to show us how much they deserved their new belts! Congratulations to you all!

Readers' Choice Awards

Thank you to everyone who voted for us this year! Voting is finished and we earned the Platinum designation. Many thanks to those who voted for us, we very much appreciate your support!

Belt Promotions

Thirteen students advanced to new belts on Saturday, February 29. Congratulations to you all!

    In the morning the following five earned their new belts:
    Hanora - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Liam - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Owen L - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Juna - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Cici - 8th gup / yellow belt

    and in the afternoon, we had these eight testing for advanced belts:
    Rubin - 4th gup / blue belt
    Elana - 4th gup / blue belt
    Kyle - 2nd gup / red belt
    Isaac - 2nd gup / red belt
    Keiran - 2nd gup / red belt
    Hazel - 2nd gup / red belt
    Matt K - 2nd gup / red belt
    Dila - Dan Bo / club black

    Other than a couple of stubborn boards and a twisted ankle, everything went well. We're very proud of them!

    Special thanks to those who helped with self-defense, breaking and marking: Master Nutbeam, Lucas, Natalie, Liam, Jakob, Keith, Gulay and Gabriel.

Black belt grading

Congratulations to Natalie and Jessica on testing for their third black belt on February 1! It was a small grading, but they worked very hard to be ready and the effort paid off. Their patterns were precise, their self-defense was impressive, their sparring was energetic and their board-breaking was dramatic. Well done, ladies, on achieving third poom for Natalie and third dan for Jessica!
Many thanks to those who helped with the grading: Master Nutbeam, Master Dana, Master Rikki, Liam, Jakob and Keith.

January events

January was quite busy, and we the first of the 2020 tournaments under our belts.
A former student who is now attending and competing for the Royal Military College in Kingston was at Canadian National TKD Championships in Laval, Quebec and did us proud. Hannah Lee placed fifth in the U30 Female Individual Poomsae division, with a strong performance against some very tough competitors. She then teamed up with the first and fourth place finishers to place FIRST in U30 Female Team Poomsae division. The next stop for this team is World Poomsae Championships in Denmark in mid-May.
On January 25, Master Nutbeam and I officiated at the KPNP Open tournament in Markham. We had one competitor in the 13-14 male blue belt division. Congratulations to Matt K. for an excellent sparring performance, coming back in the second round of his final match to win by 1 point! Thanks to Master Nutbeam for coaching Matt to his win!

December events

We had a relatively quiet month in December, and were closed for the holidays from December 22 to January 1, 2020. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, and a healthy and prosperous New Year!

November events

On November 30 we had a smallish belt promotion test which saw the following students advance to new belts:

    Eric - 7th gup / green stripe
    Xzavier - 7th gup / green stripe
    Dominik - 7th gup / green stripe
    Leandro - 6th gup / green belt
    Gabriel - 1st gup / black stripe

    Good job, everyone, your new belts are well-deserved!

October events

We were closed for the Thanksgiving weekend, and students are now back to wearing full uniforms for classes. We were also closed for Halloween, as we really didn't think anyone would rather come to class than go Trick-or-Treating!


On September 28 two of our former students (who now compete for the Royal Military College in Kingston) were at the Markham Pan Am Centre. Kara competed in the Jung Ko Classic and placed first in poomsae and second (?) in recreational black belt sparring. Congratulations, Kara!
Hannah competed in the second Taekwondo Ontario Team Selection event, which was held concurrently. She also did very well, placing fourth in her U30 individual recognized poomsae event and third in U30 pairs with team-mate Samuel Xiao. Well done, Hannah!

Belt Promotion Testing

Ten students tested successfully for new belts on September 21.

    Congratulations to:
    Juna - 9th gup / yellow stripe
    Aleena - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Fatima - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Sharjeel - 8th gup / yellow belt
    Yazmeen - 7th gup / green stripe
    Mekaeel - 4th gup / blue belt
    Kyle - 3rd gup / red stripe
    Matt S - 3rd gup / red stripe
    Matt B - 2nd gup / red belt
    Nick - Dan Bo / club black

    It was a good day, and everyone did well. We're very proud of them!