Taekwondo means ‘The way of the fist and foot’, but it is so much more than just kicking and punching! Students will learn how to use their new skills in competition or self-defense. They will gain confidence, learn discipline and self-control, and make new friends while also getting more physically fit!

Introductory Special

First month includes uniform & club T-shirt


Improved physical fitness, confidence, self-control and leadership skills are just a few of the many benefits of practicing Taekwondo.

We offer a comprehensive program of instruction for children and adults alike – whether you are a beginner or advanced student, recreational competitor or high performance athlete.

Every student will become stronger, fitter, smarter, and more confident through studying Taekwondo.


The Fall schedule is posted on the ‘Classes’ tab, and will be in effect from September 1.

We have been nominated again in the Cambridge Times Readers’ Choice Awards in the category ‘Martial Arts’.

Thank you for the nomination, and thanks in advance for your votes!

New students are now being accepted; please call, text or email to make an appointment or arrange for a trial class.


CTA will be closed for the Labour Day weekend on September 2 – 4. Have fun and stay safe!

We held a black belt promotion test on Saturday, August 26, when four students tested successfully for new belts. Congratulations to:

  • Eliot – 1st poom
  • Gabriel – 2nd poom
  • Master Salome Kim – 4th dan
  • Master Jessica Smith – 4th dan

Well done!

For more information:

Email: info@cambridgetaekwondo.com


What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a martial art rooted in ancient Korean traditions. Young men of noble families were given special instruction in not only combat techniques, but also moral and ethical values, so that they could be valuable assets to their country.

Although the physical practice of Taekwondo (‘the way of the hand and foot’) suggests warfare, the study of its philosophies indicates something much less aggressive.

Main components of Taekwondo


or patterns are sequences of movements which demonstrate many of the various stances, blocks, strikes and kicks which are learned. There are eight coloured-belt and nine black belt poomsae. Competition is done individually or in synchronized pairs or teams.


or sparring is the competitive application of techniques in the competition ring. Points are gained by hitting their opponent’s body pad or headgear accurately and powerfully, and given away by cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct.

Ho Shin Sool,

or self-defense begins with conflict-avoidance techniques but includes learning how to defend oneself using traditional blocks, strikes and kicks, as well as joint locks and pressure points. In Taekwondo we never start a fight – except in the competition ring – but if cornered, we intend to be able to walk (or run) away.


or breaking is a popular and well-known aspect of most martial arts. It is used to illustrate the flexibility, power, precision, and mental preparedness of the student.

Who we Are

CTA has been in Cambridge since 2009 and many of our black belt students and instructors have been involved in competition at the recreational and high-performance levels. We have had numerous champions at provincial, national, and international events. Our colour-belt students also compete regularly and successfully in both patterns and sparring at recreational tournaments.

Our Instructors
image of Master June Sadowsky
Master June Sadowsky

Master Sadowsky is the school owner and a regular instructor

  • 20+ years in WT Taekwondo
  • 14+ years instructing
  • 5th Dan
  • certified National and International poomsae (patterns) referee
  • certified National and International kyorugi (sparring) referee
Image of Master Godfrey Nutbeam
Master Godfrey Nutbeam

Master Nutbeam is our most senior instructor

  • 24+ years in martial arts
  • 20+ years instructing WT Taekwondo
  • 6th Dan
  • 1st Dan ITF
  • studied Judo in his earlier years
  • did boxing in his much earlier years
  • certified Provincial and National sparring referee