The list below details the requirements for the first belt promotion test.  All students start as white belts / 10th gup and progress through 10 tests to black belt.  This journey typically takes 3 to 4 years to complete.

Yellow Stripe / 9th Gup Test Requirements

To advance to 9th gup the beginner student will be expected to learn the following:

stances and stepping

  • attention / char-yeot
  • ready / joon-bi
  • horse-riding stance
  • walking stance
  • front stance
  • fighting stance
  • switch
  • shift forward and backward
  • stomp fake


  • front snap kick – rear leg and front leg
  • turning/roundhouse kick – rear leg and front leg
  • double roundhouse kick – rear leg and front leg

punches and strikes

  • middle punch and high punch in horse-riding stance
  • middle and high punch in walking and front stances
  • backfist to (attacker’s) temple

blocks and self-defense

  • low block
  • middle block (out to in and in to out)
  • high block
  • one-step sparring defense #1
  • release #1


  • first six movements of pattern / taegeuk 1


The following terms will become familiar to the new student during the first six to eight weeks of classes.


fitness and flexibility

Students are asked to do some light running, perform 10 good push-ups and 20 good sit-ups, and demonstrate basic balance, stretching and flexibility. This is as much an assessment of attitude and effort than proficiency or condition. Students are expected to attempt whatever is asked of them and always strive to improve.


Beginner students are required to show respect for Cambridge Taekwondo Academy by:

  • bowing to instructors and when they enter the gym (dojang)
  • listening quietly when an instructor is speaking
  • making an honest effort to do what they are asked
  • being courteous and helpful to everyone.