Class availability:

  • All Beginners (white belt to green stripe):
    • Mon – Fri 5 or 6 pm (choose one, not both)
    • Sat 10 am
  • Adult Beginners (age 12+):
    • Tue & Fri 7 pm (with Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Intermediate/Advanced (green belt to black belt):
    • Mon – Fri 7 pm
    • Sat 11 am

Stripe testing for Beginners is usually available after (and sometimes before) every class. Stripe testing for Advanced students is available after class Monday – Thursday and Saturday.

We have an ALL KICKS & CARDIO class on Fridays from 8 to 9 pm. This will be strictly kicking and cardio, regardless of the week’s focus, and will be open to current students age 12 and up and/or green belt and above at no extra charge. This class is also available to drop-in participants.

Note: Saturday classes may be cancelled for belt promotion testing or on holiday weekends.